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Establishing the Paternity of an Uncooperative Father

In many cases, you know exactly who fathered your child, but he refuses to accept the responsibilities of fatherhood.  There are ways to get the law to recognize that relationship through legal proceedings.  Genetic testing is available to erase any doubt regarding who fathered the child.  In most cases, it is best to get this issue resolved as early in the child's life as possible.  

Once paternity is established, the father will likely be obligated to contribute to the child's expenses, including food, clothing, and education.  When you retain the services of our law firm, we will utilize the most innovative approaches to establish the father's paternity.

Disestablishing Paternity

If you are the legal father of a child and you have questions about your rights and obligations, contact us to learn about the circumstances where a legal father may seek to disestablish paternity.

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Establishing Paternity

If you are seeking to secure your rights as a father, you need representation that will formulate a strategy for success. 

At Davis Mockler Law, P.A., we believe that there is nothing more precious than the relationship between a child and his or her parent, and we will work to protect that rel​​ationship. 

Our experienced attorneys will sit with you and explain the various steps that need to be taken for the law to recognize your bond with the child, and we will advocate on your behalf to the court.

Tampa Paternity Attorneys

In Florida, there is a presumption that a child born or conceived to a married couple is the child of both parents. However, that presumption can be overcome.  No such starting point exists for a father when a child is born out of wedlock.  Whether you are (i) facing a paternity suit, (ii) seeking to establish paternity, (iii) engaged in another matter involving child support, child custody, and/or visitation, or (iv) contesting an adoption, you need an attorney who will safeguard your rights and protect your interests.  Our law firm has experience in matters involving paternity and will devise a strategy right for you.

If you are trying to establish paternity in order to formalize the relationship between you and your child, we can help you establish paternity to ensure that you can contribute more than money to your child's well-being.  If you are not the natural or adoptive parent, we can help you disestablish paternity in order to clear the way for the child to find his or her true parent.

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