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Courts may address the following issues when deciding issues of time-sharing and parental responsibility:

  • ​Which parent is better suited to facilitate and encourage a close and continuing parent-child relationship?
  • Which parent will honor the time-sharing schedule?
  • Which parent is reasonable regarding changes to the time-sharing?
  • Which parent acts on the needs of the child, as opposed to their own needs?
  • Which parent has been caring for the child?
  • Where has the child been living?
  • How is the child doing in school?
  • Does either parent face mental health issues?
  • If the child has sufficient maturity to express a preference, what is the reasonable preference of the child?
  • Which parent is more likely to keep the other parent informed?
  • Has either parent committed domestic violence or child abuse?
  • Has either parent provided false information to the Court?
  • Does either parent have a problem with drugs or alcohol?

Our Child Custody Attorneys Are Experienced in the Following Areas:

  • Advocating for parenting plans
  • Mediating parenting and time-sharing disputes
  • Representing parents in paternity cases
  • Handling cases where one parent suffers from addiction to drugs or alcohol
  • Representing parents falsely accused of drug and alcohol abuse
  • Protecting father's rights
  • Handling custody cases involving military service members and military divorce
  • Representing cases where one parent should have sole custody or sole parental responsibility
  • Fighting for supervised time-sharing where appropriate
  • Fighting against supervised time-sharing where one parent is being vindictive, controlling, or overprotective

Take a Strategic Approach to Securing Your Parental Rights

Parenting and child custody rights are not based on a model, but on the individual circumstances of each family.  To a large extent, custody arrangements are based on work schedules, the relationships between each parent and the children, and ultimately focusing on the best interests of the children.  Our attorneys will take the time to understand your individual needs and goals so that we can prepare strategies tailored to accomplish your objectives.  We do not go into a court hearing, a negotiation, or a mediation without a plan for achieving our client's goals.

Learn More about Your Parenting and Child Custody Rights 

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Preparation at Every State to Protect Your Rights

At your initial consultation, we will take the time to learn about your family dynamics.  

We will identify your objectives and work to establish a parenting plan tailored to the needs of your family and the best interests of your children. 

Working with experts, child custody evaluators, parent coordinators, guardians ad litem, and other when necessary, we will build your case to protect your rights and your children.  Preparing a well-developed strategy is critical to your success.

Tampa Child Custody Attorneys

The interests of your children, including their financial well-being, place of residence, and emotional stability, should be your primary concern during a divorce.  

You may even worry about losing the right to spend time with your children.  Our divorce and family law attorneys take a strategic and comprehensive approach to protecting your rights and providing for the best interests of your children during custody disputes.

Florida no longer supports awarding "custody" to one parent and "visitation" to the other. Courts are now required to establish a parenting plan that governs time-sharing with your children and determines parental responsibility.  We will focus on helping you create a parenting plan for your unique needs and situation.

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