Am I Eligible for Alimony?

You may be eligible for alimony if you have been married for a certain period of time and have become financially dependent on your spouse.  

When you become the primary caretaker of a home or if your income is substantially lower than your spouse's, you may be eligible to collect alimony.  Spousal support can be temporary, permanent, durational, or established just for rehabilitative purpose.

Alimony May Be Based on a Number of Factors
- Standard of living during marriage
- ​Financial resources of each party, including marital and non-marital assets
- Liabilities and how they are distributed
- Time necessary to acquire education or training for appropriate employment
- Contribution of each party to the marriage, including homemaking and child care
- Duration of marriage
- Age, physical and emotional condition of each party

Defending Against Claims for Alimomy

In addition to helping our clients collect spousal support, we can also help you challenge a spouse that is requesting alimony out of spite or for an improper purpose.  For more information about defending against alimony/spousal support or the division of property, please contact us for an initial consultation or case evaluation.  We can fight to protect your rights.

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What is Alimony?

Spousal support is intended to bridge the gap between the incomes of the parties and to secure a particular standard of living after divorce.

Determinations can be based on the duration of the marriage, the standard of living during the marriage, the education of spouses, spouses’ work histories, and other factors.​​​

Do Florida Courts Still Award Alimony?

A spouse's right to receive alimony (or obligation to pay it) is alive and well in Florida.  Courts frequently order alimony in divorce cases where one party has a need for financial support and the other party has the ability to pay alimony.

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Alimony, also known as spousal support, is compensation paid to one spouse to provide or supplement income in connection with a divorce.  Financial distress is one of the major concerns for both parties during this time.  

Splitting assets and dividing property can be difficult and maintaining a standard of living can be near impossible.  The family law attorneys at Davis Mockler Law, P.A. focus on protecting the financial interests of our clients after a divorce.  

Whether you are seeking to collect spousal support or defend against unreasonable expectations, we can fight to protect your rights. We can help you collect the spousal support you need or defend against a spouse seeking to create unmanageable obligations on your finances.  Call now to learn how to preserve your financial security after divorce.

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